RIC experienced steady growth in the 1990s and was increasingly consulted by different industries (food, energy, environmental, cosmetics, etc.). The course programs were very well attended and more and more courses were presented at the premises of the customers. 1995 was special and will be remembered as the Schumacher year. As consultant of Elf, France we were solicited to help Schumacher, Benetton, to regain his first prize of the 1995 Formula 1 race in Brazil. He was disqualified because the fuel used didn’t correspond to the pre-season approved sample. By using state-of-the-art GC, RIC could proof that both samples were identical. This conclusion was accepted by the FIA court (Figure 7). A few months later, the story arose with the petrol of the moto-rider Geboers. Again, GC results were convincing to give him his first prize back.