Pat Sandra and his wife Martina founded ChromaLab in their garage


Moving from the garage to lab space in the premises of the industrial laboratory SERVACO.


Moving to a new building of 500 square meters located at the President Kennedypark 20, Kortrijk designed by Fred Sandra, well-known interior designer and co-founder of the “Interieur and Classic” trade fairs.


As consultant of Elf, France we were solicited to help Schumacher, Benetton, to regain his first prize of the 1995 Formula 1 race in Brazil. He was disqualified because the fuel used didn’t correspond to the pre-season approved sample. By using state-of-the-art GC, RIC could proof that both samples were identical.


The eldest son of the Sandra family, Tom finished his studies of Chemical Engineer in 1998 and joined the company in September 1998.


In May 1999, the Belgium population was informed that our food was contaminated with dioxins. Thousands of samples had to be analyzed asap to release our food stocks. A very important magazine formulated the RIC contribution as follows: “The scientist who saved Belgium!” giving full credit to Pat Sandra but all RIC coworkers contributed equally to solve this problem.


Activities were growing mainly in liquid chromatography and in construction of automated sample prep stations and in. In 2006 we moved to the President Kennedypark 26, Kortrijk in a building of 1000 square meters.


The second son of the Sandra family, Koen joined RIC with the mission to start-up a life sciences and omics division.


Passing the bat on (Pat promised to reduce his activities).


rebranding RIC